Fill Dirt

Sam Bostic Dirt and Gravel provides truck for hire and dirt as one service to Ooltewah, TN residents.

Fill Dirt

Fill Dirt  | Sam Bostic Dirt and Gravel - Ooltewah, TN

Sam Bostic Dirt and Gravel will supply fill dirt for any project large or small. Our product line includes fill dirt along with topsoil, gravel, mulch, and sand. Our dirt trucks for hire are standing ready to deliver in Ooltewah, TN today.

What Is Fill Dirt?

Fill dirt is found under the top soil layer of any area. It has no nutrients. It is usually filled with rocks, and roots and plants will not grow in fill dirt. Fill dirt is used to fill holes, to build up an area, and to level yards and roads.

How Much Does a Cubic Yard of Fill Dirt Weigh?

A cubic yard of fill dirt weighs approximately 2700-2900 pounds. One cubic yard equals 27 cubic feet.

How Much Fill Dirt Will You Need?

Provide the measurements of the area you are going to fill. Measure the length, width, and depth for a rectangle or square shaped area and measure the diameter and depth for a circular shaped area. If you would like assistance, call us to help you calculate.

Truckloads are usually measured in cubic yards. Our experienced staff here at Sam Bostic Dirt and Gravel will help you calculate your truckload.

Our trucks for hire can handle and deliver materials for any variety of construction and landscaping projects. You can trust Sam Bostic Dirt and Gravel to provide quality fill dirt.

Schools, churches, shopping malls, all commercial properties, country roads, and city streets can have level surfaces with Sam Bostic Dirt and Gravel in town. Whether you have a new project or a repair job, we look forward to being part of your plan.